Welcome. You’ve come to a great place to buy instrumentals for Non-Exclusive use. Each instrumental contains a voice tag ‘Jiffthegeneral’ every so often when you preview it. This will be removed on the download version you purchase. The instrumentals are all my original compositions – no samples. If a sample is contained in the composition you will be duly notified before purchase. All purchased downloads will be in 320 kbps .mp3 format. By the way, you don’t need a Paypal account to purchase instrumentals. Please read the Non-Exclusive agreement page so you fully understand the agreement you are entering.NEA

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TITLE: 8Bar Loop                                                                         GENRE: RnB                                            Price: £30

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TITLE: Wizzy Wanted                                                                 GENRE: Afrobeats                                    Price: £30

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TITLE: Overloaded Mindset                                                     GENRE: Hiphop                                          Price: £30

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TITLE: Wobble It                                                                        GENRE: Dancehall                                    Price: £30

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TITLE: Sunlight                                                                          GENRE: House                                          Price: £30

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TITLE: Telephone Man                                                             GENRE: Pop                                                Price: £30

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